Tuesday, November 11, 2003

today is like...sOo..tiring!!!i just got back to college and
everything's a MESS!!well..for starters..i can say dat im
tOo..tired to do a thing!now i can feel how tiring is
Ramadhan.well..got loads of stuffz to do..so i'll catch u
later on..kinda PENAT!! at the mo..l8r~*

DONE! pee-u!boy,am i tired or what?! so..finally..
everything's SETTLED!got my results and had keyed
in all my subjects.as for my results...fewh! i was really
hoping dat i won't SUX! alhamdulillah..my prayers were
answered.i did fine but not as FINE as jess! she got
flat,man!she's freaking brilliant!how can she do THAT!
we were always hanging out together and i don't see
how did she do that!she is sOo wicked brainiac!well2..
enuff of 'mengangkat her bakul'..heheh.well,so..todays
DONE! im soo tired but STILL i stirred left and right on
my very bed.CAN'T SLEEP! don't know why..weird
though..im sure because im still jetlagged!DAMN! well..
nothing much happened today.just being quite tired and
all..hmm...can't wait 4 ramadhan 2 end.coz it's gonna be
RAYA!!(^O^) huhuhu...

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