Thursday, November 06, 2003

Heya!I'm back! Actually,it was like a week ago..but yeah..
i surely had no time to sit down and had moments for
myself. Everyday is a `shooping day'
(^_^) nway, i kinda jetlagged,i shall say. STILL. but
yeah! still waking up as late as 12 at noon! hahah! well..
since its Ramadhan, i can't see any wrong in waking up
late,though. A ctually,its kinda cool that the next thing
u know,it's already Maghrib (^O^)

hmm..although it's been a WEEK,but still,the sweetest
experince i had in London shall never be forgotten.
Anyhow,it was rather interesting dat i met 1 nice lady,
Cik Ma.(hope dat my spellings are correct).she's a fren
of Along's (Lela's brother).She's really nice and got such
a personality I shall say.Well, we had a nice conversations
and she totally can COOK! Eating `nasi beryani' at 12 mid
night.wicked! ;) well,what she told us was
kinda STUCKED in my head.She got many interesting
stories.i'm sure she got loads of knowledge which i can u
rarely seen in such a person..'small person doesn't
mean has small brains'
heheh.She really opened up
my thoughts about Islam.That's good,isn't it?Makes me
wanna dig more about Islam..(^_^)

Well,it's a good start for me,ey?i've been a person who
doesn't wanna think ahead of what's coming.What will
happen next?What if this?What if dat but yupe! I hope
dat i'll turn into a person who'll surely open up her
thoughts and be prepared for whatever come what may,
ey? (^_^)

Cik Ma : U surely a nice company..nice to know u. (^O^)
Lel : I had a great time! thanks for the gifts!
K.Mega: Thanks for 'sanggup' accompany mi mum to Portsmouth.
K.Baby:Had a great time with u,dude! Keep up the good art work! :)
K.Ton:surely not to forget for being as scarridie catz just like me.huggable!

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