Friday, November 21, 2003

Time passes really fast.I didn't even realized it's almost
two weeks now after my college reopen.Well,i am now in
my first year,2nd semester.1st semester was fun but
yeah! it's really fast as the time paced after me.and now
im starting a new in now..i was always
counting the days as in 'totally can't wait to balik
kampung'.come again,not realizing that amadhan's nearly
come to its endz..

Suddenly i was walking thru time as it tracks back down
the memory lane.Thots of my previous years celebrating
Ramadhan with friends in i misses those times..
cik Aisah (^O^),ustazah,and hah!all those things related
to in solat tarawikh and tadarus...etc.etc.of coz,the
meal during berbuka was not always delicious but
unexpectedly tasty.(there was this one time where we
ate udang butter for wicked is that!) i can't
remember the years b4..but i can still remember our last
Ramadhan there,which was during our SPM.ordered mcD
just in case the nasi tasted eww!.hahah! the food in DM
weren't good ENUFF! (talking about men's cooking..blimey!)
sneaked to 'pondok jaga' to get the pizza's delivery @mcD.
The sambal bilis Lela brought from home and the serunding
mymum provided for me..(more likely for my friends) and
STILL providing it until now.(doesn't matter wherever i am..
she'll always tell me to bring it for sahur) Jid loved it sOo...
much! although it wasn't me who ate it THAT much! (^_^) well as sleeping weakly,leaning against the pillar
(lucky enuff dat the fan didn't fall on our heads) after
reading the Quran during tadarus.with almost everyone's
eyes were bloody red! ngantuk ler tuh..u can imagine how
fast we read just to make sure we got spots to sleep while
the others reading patiently..and the end..awoken
by..'kita tutup majlis kita dengan suratul ars..' hahah..totally
outrageous! and of coz not to meantion wearing baju
kurung and tudung mesti ber'ring'..(more to ber'scrunchie'
to jijie..)..just to enter the dining hall..but still! proper dinner

but Ramadhan is totally different by then.spent
with new friends..from SSP to Pilah,and now..from Pilah to weirder can it be?! (???) back in pilah,had a
tremendous time with Qoyye+Azzah+Wanie.of coz,not to
exclude Nik! well,many things had happened back then but
lets just leave it as one nice memory..huh.but yeah,
sometimes those things make u learn.well now,its only one
week left b4 Syawal.All those memories will keep on
repeating AGAIN and again every year.It's nice to track
back what u've left behind.U thought it will never happened
in ur life...but it did. (^_^)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

today is like...sOo..tiring!!!i just got back to college and
everything's a MESS!!well..for starters..i can say dat im
tOo..tired to do a thing!now i can feel how tiring is loads of stuffz to i'll catch u
later on..kinda PENAT!! at the mo..l8r~*

DONE! pee-u!boy,am i tired or what?! so..finally..
everything's SETTLED!got my results and had keyed
in all my for my results...fewh! i was really
hoping dat i won't SUX! prayers were
answered.i did fine but not as FINE as jess! she got
flat,man!she's freaking brilliant!how can she do THAT!
we were always hanging out together and i don't see
how did she do that!she is sOo wicked brainiac!well2..
enuff of 'mengangkat her bakul'..heheh.well,so..todays
DONE! im soo tired but STILL i stirred left and right on
my very bed.CAN'T SLEEP! don't know why..weird sure because im still jetlagged!DAMN! well..
nothing much happened today.just being quite tired and
all..hmm...can't wait 4 ramadhan 2 end.coz it's gonna be
RAYA!!(^O^) huhuhu...

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Heya!I'm back! Actually,it was like a week ago..but yeah..
i surely had no time to sit down and had moments for
myself. Everyday is a `shooping day'
(^_^) nway, i kinda jetlagged,i shall say. STILL. but
yeah! still waking up as late as 12 at noon! hahah! well..
since its Ramadhan, i can't see any wrong in waking up
late,though. A ctually,its kinda cool that the next thing
u know,it's already Maghrib (^O^)

hmm..although it's been a WEEK,but still,the sweetest
experince i had in London shall never be forgotten.
Anyhow,it was rather interesting dat i met 1 nice lady,
Cik Ma.(hope dat my spellings are correct).she's a fren
of Along's (Lela's brother).She's really nice and got such
a personality I shall say.Well, we had a nice conversations
and she totally can COOK! Eating `nasi beryani' at 12 mid
night.wicked! ;) well,what she told us was
kinda STUCKED in my head.She got many interesting
stories.i'm sure she got loads of knowledge which i can u
rarely seen in such a person..'small person doesn't
mean has small brains'
heheh.She really opened up
my thoughts about Islam.That's good,isn't it?Makes me
wanna dig more about Islam..(^_^)

Well,it's a good start for me,ey?i've been a person who
doesn't wanna think ahead of what's coming.What will
happen next?What if this?What if dat but yupe! I hope
dat i'll turn into a person who'll surely open up her
thoughts and be prepared for whatever come what may,
ey? (^_^)

Cik Ma : U surely a nice company..nice to know u. (^O^)
Lel : I had a great time! thanks for the gifts!
K.Mega: Thanks for 'sanggup' accompany mi mum to Portsmouth.
K.Baby:Had a great time with u,dude! Keep up the good art work! :)
K.Ton:surely not to forget for being as scarridie catz just like me.huggable!

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