Wednesday, October 08, 2003

my finals are finally OVER!!im so thrilled!got mails from fazari and
zaimi..boy,how i miss them.good frens i could say.well...i thot dat i
might freak out AGAIN like the other day my multimedia test but
yeah..Allah's will..i did just fine just now.well..i really2 can't wait
until gonna be soo EXCITED! tell the whole world how
really2 excited I AM,people!!well..i tried to put the feelings aside
but i surely can't .my mum did tell me that i hafta concerntrate on
my studies first then only i can think of something else..but damn!
the day had finally come.and yupe!emotions they stir!well..i will
surely gonna miss siew ping (whom is actually beside me at
the moment)..jess,stella,k.ona and siti.those are all good
companies i had back here.well gonna be far for a month but im
sure when we're all back from our break..there's LOADS of stories
to tell,huh,pal?!well..gotta do some stuffs..tomorrow is another
new journey of life... (^_^)

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