Monday, October 27, 2003

last day in london..well..been aroun here and there.feel like not
wanting to go back to Malaysia coz haven't been to Manchester
to actually kiss the Old Trafford Stadium (^O^) huhuhu..went to
worthing b4 we left.met papa's ol frenz and went to the shopping
mall.kinda kewl mall..but bought nothing but a book.'One-Hit-Wonder'..
as usual..the author from the ralph's party..interesting
now i can actually imagine all the places mentioned since it's all
in london.heheh..well..later on,went back to lela's place
(her dad's fren's place) for a while and then went out with her
for the last time.this girl is soo..weird..full of suprises..(i know u
know what i mean,lel!)..hmm..wat else..dats was kinda sad.
but yeah..just hafta end the holiday though..anyway,managed to
took pictures with lela..hahah! takde tempat lain ker?!in front of NEXT.
heheh..well..gonna miss u dude!
took picture with lel..--->lilo&stitch<----

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