Tuesday, October 21, 2003

its my third day in london and yeah! its GREAT!today is like lucky
monday..outta the blue..lela and gang (^O^) huhuhu..crashed
our house in brockley and had lunch with mi family.it was like a
dream..but yeah..though not believing,it'd already happened..
well..i'm now hangin out at lela's apartment..its really a cozy
one..well..she'd crashed the bed at the mo..im stucked all alone
here since she got class and all tomorrow..btw,we went to
london's dungeon today..and yeah..its not THAT scarry..but
pretty scarry though.scares the HELL out of me bit.=p wel..later
on we went to tower bridge and on the way to T.B..it was really2
windy and i'd almost turned into icy cold..and it was really great
with k.ton as company..we surely make a LOUD companies..=)

well..after a long tiring day..headed back to brockley and packed
my stuffs and all and headed back to croydon..where lela's staying..
and while we're waiting at the brockley station..there's this two
hingusanboys..just couldn't GET A CLUE..dat we're not
interested but yeah..he kept on talking his way into a conversation
with us and bloody boys..they're16.. and accused
us for not telling our real AGE!we're all 19!plus k.mega and k.baby..
who's 22!they just keep on being PLAIN STUPID! followed us until
we nearly reach east croydon station..boy,were we freaking out just
now..they are such a FREAK,man!really2 scared us,dude!but yeah..
talking bout experience,huh?i just got here for like 3 days..but it
were surely FUN,though..if there's time..i'll write later..gotta crash
the bed..feel sleepy aye'..(^_^)

we're at the london dungeon..spooky..(^_^)

papaNmama:thanks papa and mama..for making my dreams come
true.love yah!
abang:sorry dude!ur sleeping alone tonight..
kakak:i really hafta make it up to u.i felt guilty though...wish u were
ash:dude!miss u sOo..much..wish u were here...

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