Friday, October 03, 2003

hiya!!feeling great as ever...pee-u!! had a GREAT laughs last
slept at 4 in the morning due to too MANY caffeine.and of coz a good
company..heheh..wicked!! but yeah!can't forget last nite..having
your friends around u will always make u feel warm..right..never make u
feel left out and of coz..u'll feel appreciated (^_^).sometimes u can
never blame God for being unfair coz HE will always be equal to human.i
can say that HE maybe punishing u the day before and the next day HE
will make u see the mistakes u've done and then u realize that life's
worth to have ups and downs,highs and los.heheh..well,i've learnt from
mistakes so i will try not to repeat it next test is like on the
8th,so i'll try my best to get a good grades!! im
gonna score like MAD!!heheh...(^O^) huhuhu...neeways..tomorrow's
mi mum's birthday..gonna buy her a cake..=)

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