Wednesday, October 08, 2003

damn!!im kinda mad at this damn trying to link my
blog to my album but yet!it doesn't work!
sOo..freaking scared coz my test is like on wednesday..
but somehow..kinda CAN'T WAIT !!coz its my LAST paper!!
yea-hah!! heading to london this 18th.never been
there im really looking forward to go there and of
coz to meet LELA!! dude!miss u,pal!well..talked to pepo
on the phone just now..she'll be leaving for russia tomorrow..
gonna miss u,dude!she sure is a funny gal..later i'll post
ur picture in the blog..or maybe u could just drop by to
my album then..met her the other day..boy,was i happy to
see her.we talked for a while..i was with Azzah.hahah..
snaping shots here and there luckily its digital so its kinda
NOT wasting all the time we had taking shots of whatever
people were doing at that moment coz i can actually laugh
at it and later just erase it off my memories...gonna get
back to work..exam's like a pain in the ***.s**t!(^O^)

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