Saturday, October 04, 2003

boy!!i didn't sleep the whole night.accompanying k.ana n
k.lin..was i tired but can't sleep..slept for a while but woke
up as usual at 10 a.m.hahah..friday night..listening to the
ghost stories thru THR was surely scares the hell out
of me!k.lin was damn scared but i was the cowardest!!
help k.lin to do some art work..turned out..k.lin was rather
frustrated with my art work on her decided to cheer
her up by drawing her picture and abg.zul,animated way but
HELL! was i good or what?!(^O^) the time the
picture was done..its already i watched the
sunrise..its DAMN nice!!while talking to k.ana who can't wait
to get to Shah Alam for her convocation day..she was
up all night..she kinda preoccupied thinking of 'mamak'
sure love doesn't have to find real love,huh?well the sunrise
was rather stupendous i could say..i was captivated by the
colors created by Allah..its really nice.wait till i post the
pictures later,'s mama's birthday..abang was
rather tired to fetch me but seems dat there's no other
choice than to pick me up..who else?
----->the sunrise<----

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