Thursday, October 16, 2003

boy,am i tired eyes are rather blurry and
watery..well..i've told u so..that i can't really stucked
mi butt will surely turns out dat i can't get my
butts OFF! not gonna be aroun for a
while..(as i told u so..) well,two days back..did some doa
the other day..boy..was i damn TIRED!
i can still the stiffness of my shoulders until TODAY!
but yeah..doing just fine though..well..i'll be leaving for two days..thot dat i won't open my mails until
later on but can do..
i've got 90 mails to check today..imagine the next week
its gonna be piling up and God knows my backs gonna
ache and my hands gonna be numb replying all the mails.
(^O^)..know what?! my pc cracked! so i hafta run to
mi aunts house which is few blocks do all these
i-hafta-reply-my-mails thang.well..i hafta run.gotta run
some,my eyes are tired been online for damn
three hours and back ACHED!

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