Wednesday, October 01, 2003

alo people!!!today..everything's a MESS!!i slept late..woke up
early..mytest SUX!! and zaimi's GONE!! what da hell im gonna
do now?!!its like the worst day of my multimedia was
like damn HARD!! i couldn't answer a THING!!darn!!how i
wish i could reset the test..but yeah..i was aiming for A's
though but figured out dat u'll not always get what u
want!!hmm...i can see dat jimi's still on his way to JAPAN!!
gud luck dude!! so depressed!!
multimedia turned out to be the worst paper i did duirng
the examinaton week,dude!!! DARN!!! lela!!! help me out!!
i surely miss u,pal.if ur here..surely u can listen to my crap.
can't wait to meet u up!!i wanna open up all these burden
build up inside me.wargh!!! (^_^) huhuhuhu....

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