Monday, September 22, 2003

*sob*sob* sedey...lela dah blah..n i cant send her off coz i got no
transportation to get there+im not feeling well after the fight..(i wasn't
feeling well the day b4!!) but yeah..sometimes u can never get what
u want,right? hmm...its gonna be twelve hours..n during that time..i'll
be guity as charged!!wargh!!! lost another best friend...what am i
gonna do?!! but i can say dat im surely gonna miss dat kid!she's a
damn good fren,dude!its hard to find someone like her..the type yang
not easily pissed off although ur kinda a pain in the arse..the one yang
akan hang out ngan ko although she got other things to do..the one
who'll listen to all ur silly jokes although it doesn't make any sense!!
the one who'll call just to hear ur stories..(although its BOH-RING!!)..
GOSH!!no more late nite more more gossips..
darn!!i really2 gonna miss DAT!!pal..don't forget me,k.sorry coz i couldn't
send u off today..wait 4 me in october..i'll come to meet u'll
hang out,kies.take care dude!!gonna miss u,pal!! <33 muakzzzz

-->this is lela with her so-called balak..heheh<---

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