Thursday, September 25, 2003

pee-u!!what a day..gosh!!tomorrow is already FRIDAY!! my finals on the
next day,dude!!i think i hafta get a rest from the pc..pretty addicted..
heheh..well,if hanging aroun in the room..i totally got NOTHING to do,
dude!! well..i was discovering new stuffz on the blogsnob..its damn cool..
but somehow..too little time..but too many things to do..thot dat i could
learn some more since the knowledge i know is not DAT much..but yeah..
people should learn humans..why must letting go the chance
which is right before ur eyes..?right?well..think i gonna head back to muh
room..need to hit back on those bukz..shouting at me 'don't u had enuff?'..
nope..i just don't had enuff..hmm...where did my list gone?.....later..dude..
emotion stirs..=)

time: if i could grab u..i'll surely grab u,dude!!
c++:wait up dude!im cracking u up soon...

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