Tuesday, September 16, 2003

its pretty darn!!why?..well probably i got too many stuffs in my mind.well..
i wasn't sure of things...im so..lets just say im damn CLUELESS.so i have
this loads of work to be done in nick of time.i'll be delighted if i could change
back the hence of time so dat i can actually hang a lil' bit and have fun..but
NOPE!there's no such thing like RELAX..or let me rephrase the word.REALLY2
RELAX...u hafta be on the run..ALWAYS.. so im so...NOT having enough time
to do all the things im supposed to do at a time.if i was to have many hands
and brains..how wish i could do all the things i want to do in one single
time..but yeah..i was born with two brains and two hands..so dat make
me..the two things maker..is it? (^O^) yeah...right.well..getting crappy as
ever...especially when all the things i wanted to have with me till the end of
time turns out leaving me all behind.im not a poet nor a good actor but
somehow..i just wish i could put into a simple word of what am i feeling right now..distressed..confused...high..bored...annoyed...clueless...sad....hatred..
rage...intuition...or just make fool of me so i will be more thoughtless than
ever....heheh..don't get me wrong..nope..i'm not fresh from breakup nor
frustrated from hatred love but im so angry with myself for not being the
person im supposed to be.... =(

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