Thursday, September 11, 2003

huarghhh....wat a DAY!! im soOOoo...tired..its always thursday..i'll feel soOOoo....numb..after my programming class..i'll
go like ?*%$.but yeah..its my life.neeways,last nite was like YEAY!! thanks to not bodoh IT anymore.talked
to Lela on the phone...awe..miss all those late night calls.picking up all those pieces of time left with her.she'll be leaving Malaysia soon..feel like i'm left here all ALONE..

wat da ****?!!im not gonna add my depression after doing all those tiring will make me look STOOPID!!well..can't wait till all these exams end.i'm gonna be sooOOoo..HAPPY! n hmm...i kinda looking forward for October..its gonna be .....

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