Friday, September 12, 2003

hmm...bad mesti zaimi punya jangkit..heheh..*soksek*soksek*..i guess it must be from stella too.darn!but not
to blame..the weather was unpredictable..kejap ujan kejap body temperature pun confuse..nak panas ke..
nak sejuk..(^O^) week lela dah nak blah..*sob*sob* but don't worry lilo!! wait 4 me in london!! i'll come
over..wakaka..AS IF!!today..not much thang had happened due to NOT socializing ENOUGH today..but yeah..dis
evening my group presentation for communication class was rather A O-KEY!! coz my frenz handled a good job there.
well..if i were the one who presented just now..hahah..the whole world will be snoring behind lecturer
will be (???) coz i mumbles A LOT!! but today..i'll be soOOoo mum gossiped me with some1*no MAMA!!
he's not my BF!!*trust if my mum's gonna read this..ol' ppl with technology..what do THEY know?? (^_^)

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