Tuesday, September 30, 2003

boy!!today is HELLA good day!!i went out wiht azah.watched
the 'League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen'.it was damn
good!neat!well the characters were rather interesting..there's
Skinner,who's an invisible man,Mr.Alan Quantermain;who can
shoot from a 900 yards distance,pretty sharp shooter,Mina;
a chemist and a Van Helsing's blood,to simplify..a vampire,
Captain Nemo;former pirate with an exttra wicked gadgets
and stuffs..Edward;more like a Dr.Jekyl n Mr.Hyde type,
can transforms froma normal man into a monstrous giant,
Sawyer;another version of Quantermain and there's this
demonic Phantom who's actually mr.M;who wanted to rule
the world(DUH!!)oh yeah!there's JOhnny Depp..i can't
remember his name..i think its Dorian Gray.nway,he's evil!
join forces with Phantom,he's actually a nice guy,hard to kill
but just a simple potrait can killl him melt! damn! i thot
he's a good man.but yeah..the movie was interesting coz
they got their own specialities..=p well..the whole story..5
thumbs up!!haha!well,i did have a good time with azah..ate
nando's as usual..my favourite and had anice talk with azah..
n bumped into PEPO!!plus JIJIE too!boy,was i lucky to
bumped into them.its been a long time..haven't meet them
for quite some time..n hang out for a while and the rest of
the day..i enjoyed the sensation of belonging.belonged to
my frens and long lost frens..(^O^) huhuhu..was i HAPPY!!
what a HAPPY DAY!!
---->me and azah at venice walk<----

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