Sunday, August 03, 2003

Life is world of magical..
I maybe thin with no attractions,
No fluffy hand or arms like cushions,
But when u're crying with no one there,
I'll be there with tissues spare,
I maybe clumsy not good with words,
Sometimes my words are quite absurd
But if u need someone to smack,
I'll help u up to send them pack.
I mybe ugly wiht frizzy hairs,
Though people looked with unpleasent stares,
But when it comes to cheer u up!
This ugly face will do,without a doubt.
I maybe stupid & silly too..
like some stupid dummy,like toy,or pooh
But if someone push u down the stairs,
I'll wait downstairs to catch u there,
So now u know what u meant to me,
The bestest friend we'll ever BE..


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