Sunday, August 31, 2003

finally..its da DAY!! MERDEKA!!!well..nothing much going on today..i celebrated merdeka...on my bed!! heheh..the night before(more to 8 pm just now..) i had a good dinner and boy! was i full and tired!! so suddenly..had this urge to go to bed and wake up later ..(b4 12 a.m..) but guess the damn thai food is GUWD!!so..i slept until 12.15 a.m too bad didn't see the fireworks and hang out at any 'walk'..u know wat i mean..bangsar walk..bintang walk..what ever walking place yeah..its great though! coz im AT HOME!! soon as i cracked open my eyes..i headed towards the tube and hit on the vcd and watch '2 fast 2 furios'..its more too me like a 'too fat too serious'..hahah..coz..i AM too fat too serious!
wakaka..talking about girls and BE-A-YOU-TEA!..can NEVER be separated,dude!wargh!!look!! there's a pimple on my forehead..(more to 'wargh!! there's LOSER on my forehead!!') hahah...and yeah..the list go on..and on..well,Malaysia..."SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI MERDEKA !!" sOo..sleepy..(^_^)Zzzz

Malaysia: we're not fully 'merdeka',huh?
zaimi:dude!i got no credit,lah..sorry to bother u!
abang:put ur pants on!!
ash:ape la lu..awalnye tido?!!
kakak:where are you?!!

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