Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Today is already 1st July..2days after my birthday..so..sad!!i was at home the other day..asked mi dad to buy me the 7250..but didn't get it (not reasonable enuff to get it just for mi birthday) yeah2..i know its expensive..but who's da birthday gal,huh?!!hehe..i sounded like a spoilt brat..am i?well..at least..im over it!! but there's some more..i didn't get a CAKE!! that will make the WORST birthday ever!!to think it over..it'll make me looked STOO-PID!! hahah..feeling sad over some stupid birthday celebration.but hell!! cake is important to me!! =p gosh!! am i overeacted or what?!
--->case close<---

but somehow..my frens cheered me up,though(when i was back at college)..bought me gifts and stella bought a cheese cake!!mi favourite cake!! thanks stell!! well..pretty much for a 'a friend in need,is a friend indeed!!' ,huh? =0)

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