Thursday, July 03, 2003

lela!!! happy birthday!! dude!got no credit..(the same thing always hapen,huh?)well yeah..couldn't sleep lorh..thot wanna call u up..but too bad..the mobile is in mi mums room.pretty much thot dat i could meet u up and give yer gifts dude!but too bad..ur too bz wiht yer english already july!!heheh.nearly two weeks im in this darn college..(it's fun actually..guys..yum2) heheh..nasty!well..just thot heading to 'dapur' and meet some mr.milo and miss maggie..will later on meet mr.pillow and dr.bed..(^O^) huhuhuhu...

lilo: dude!!ur old!!! more cutie pie face,huh?
simba:get off dr.bed!!

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