Monday, July 28, 2003

fiza's birthday today..what day is it..limme see..SUNDAY!! haha..must see: gilmore girls and smallville..
up..up..and away...wee!!! well fiza..too bad its ur birthday and dude!! what haven't u call!!! STILL no hafta call me up!! such a pain in the arse,huh?wait up...~* as usual..hero of da day..(more to nite..over here.)da guy next door type..and hell LANA!! i just hate ur fluttering cats drove me SICKED!!TOO BAD,HUH?well chloe..i really2 like u..
but sometimes..u like to nag!! pete..hold on with the secrets,okies?! and lex..dude!!ur so..sizzling HOT!! sZzzz.. i a good critics or what?! ;p

watched gilmore girls and of coz..more comments on jess..jess is so DA kewl,dude!!plus can u stucked with this kinda guy?!!im sure u gonna say..good gals for bad guys..ey?but sometimes..jess just couln't treat a gurl nicely huh? EGO!! dean..give jess a break,man!!ur such a fuss!!but yeah..lindsay..
u're sOo..BAD GURL!!


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