Wednesday, April 30, 2003


A wOrD with tOo mAnY meAninGs..
bUt U cAn neVer sEe iT
iF U jUsT tAke tHinGs FoR gRanTeD...
u cAn neVeR picTuRe tHe hApPinEsS,
sAdNesS,fOoliShNesS,AnD mOst Of aLl..
bEen thRu tHicKs aNd tHins,
bUt tHe cLoSeNeSs..toGetherNeSs..TaLk..
whiCh eNdLeSs..SooN,sEeD oF EdGinEsS sOiLED..
tHinGs diFfeREnT..cLosenEsS becOmE ShyNeSs..
hAppiNeSs wEre nO LoNGeR sHaReD tHe wAy iT uSed tO..
wHy?hOw?wHeN? sEems tO bE quEsTioNed..
wHy i FeLL fOR u? hOW diD i fELL fOR U?
sUrELy wHeN?!! i feLL fOR u..
fEelinG oF lOve sOon bLoOms..cOnfuseD?!
tRuE!! aLL tHis tiMe..iT wAs tHeRe..
iT's jUst we'Re bLindED bY fRienDsHiP..
bOnD bY iT..
bUt mOsT oF All..bLeSs bY iT...


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