Thursday, April 10, 2003

dude!! great memories i had in pilah..although its more or less like a cowboy town but hell!! frenship were bond!!this is azzah..she's damn cute and nice..kewl to hang with and gilak2 macam aku gax..pretty much although 1 year je kat situ..i surely can't forget ORANGE..hmm..he's da...(fill in the blank urself dude!) u know what i mean azzah..well..pretty much..heart aching,tears,joy,laughter..sumer aku kongsi ngan azzah n qoyye..too bad..gambo qoyye to be remembered but a bad taste of boyfriend..heheh

azzah:ur da best,dude! thanks esp.masa bulan pose tuh.(u know wat..)
qoyye:where are u dude!! rindu u've been doing?
orange:thanks for the thrills..

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