Thursday, July 24, 2014

iftar with kawan hingusan

last week we had a small iftar with some of the girls. the initial plan was to invite few friends. when i suddenly thought..why not we invite whoever living near KL. maybe they could jump in the wagon ^___-"

so turned out there were ten of us who could make it, including their spouse and kids..there were 15 adults and 5 kids! super meriah i tell you :)  we had our iftar at Las Vacas, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. It was HAVOCCC !! we talked non stop for one thing we stayed til almost 10pm! haha..rejoicing the hearts around us. Alhamdulillah..thanks to all the girls who made it. Although it was a small group, In Shaa Allah, we will figure out a bigger event soon. But need a proper plan for that =) i love my girls, 5 years in SSP definitely taught us so many hingusan memories :")  and now, it's been 17 years and still counting.. In Shaa Allah. much love xx

the well behaved Alisanur. so cute! with her pacifier :)

that will be my mister with his angus beef :)

the early birdies, hikma + ecah! every succesful working from home mom ;)

all of us :) except farah n sofie has not arrived yet

the ever yummiest beef wraps *drool*

my bokitta gang , jiddo and maybe soon fizz too ;)

clockwise : me, fiza, farah and jid :)

popping out soon! ;) from right : eija, madine, farah n fiza ♥

the other side of the table! (ok kat sini muka foy macam arshad!)

all of the girls. back row from left : eija, me, jiddo, fizz, farah and aisyah
front roww from left : foxy lela, hikma + madeena, adra and Madine.

the ever famous thumb, Megan Foxx a.k.a Foxy Lela ;P

chedet taking pictures of Ecah + Madine

aunty bella and cute lil alisanur

one for the road :P

a surprise birthday cake for Hikma and Lela by Bella

fiza terharu :")
cute cake by bella ♥ - bisou
all of us that came. thanks all for very very warm iftar ♥ makes me miss all of u more!

damages : RM1090 ++    ^____-" but we had a good time! ♥

Friday, July 18, 2014

turning to another series of life's the third week of Ramadhan and what did I missed? I think I will start to miss Ramadhan again in no time :'( Alhamdulillah this year, the first day of Ramadhan fell on the very same date with my birthday! :)

And this year, I finally turned into another series of life. the 3 series! :P I don't feel any differences when it comes to age. haha (living in denial) but i do feel a wee bit out of energy. sometimes. metabolism rates declining.and sleeping as early as 10:30! bullocks! i can no longer hold my eyes wide awake until clock strikes 12.I think it would be miracle if I'm still up at 12am..hahaha i am getting old huh? :P

so last June, we had a small makan-makan with the usual suspects at Citrus BVII. Azz and Nadz celebrated both Via and mine's birthday. Alhamdulillah we are blessed with these two beautiful moms :) i got chocolates from Via and cute lil dinner purse by Azz ♥ thank you ladies!!

i truly appreciate all these cute gestures the girls always give me. They are always there whenever I need them and I am truly blessed to celebrate this beautiful age with them. Alhamdulillah..and after meeting the's Mister's turn to treat me! yeayy!! since my birthday is on the First of Ramadhan so mister promised to treat me a small celebration at my favourite cupcake shop, + Wondermilk!

Had my all time favourite butterscotch milk and California Chicken Sandwich! Omnomnomnom..and of course some cupcakes for the birthday girl ♥ the usual Foxy Red, Kiss Chesse, Flourless Chocolate and salted caramel luvluv!

after a quick bite and courting session (haha! we are still newly weds ok!) we headed straight to One Utama for Transformers : Age of Extinction with my siblings and nephews! :) :)

we definitely had a great time that day.and I truly blessed with all the love they gave me.and the next day, first day of Ramadhan, daddy bought few slices from Secret Recipe to celebrate my 30th birthday. *bless* Syukur..syukur... Thank you all for the warm wishes and In Shaa Allah may Allah bless all of your kindness too ♥ much love *thirtyandstillsexy* ^ ^ xoxo

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

we are KGB-ed !

haaa..don't get me wrong. this is not the Russian committee KGB haa..hehe we went to KGB in Jalan Telawi that day. Azz has been telling about this place over and over. Farah and I was literally drooling everytime she mentions it :P

so finally on few weekends back,we finally got our hands on KGB! Killer Gourmet Burger! oh my! the burgers are the bomb weeehhhh!!

that beef spiked definitely spiked me!
kimchi fries the bomb!!
us and fanfan! ♥
yours truly :") ♥
we will definitely come again to this place before farah's baby pops out ..hehe sedapppp!! and I will definitely bring mister here too! so have a blessful Ramadhan peeps! and enjoy the picture ;P much love xx

Thursday, June 19, 2014

my curry story!

hey peeps! ahhhh..finally it's the World Cup fever! haha..are u having a gooooood sleep lately? I DON'T! man! since I have a 'permanent' house mate now,I did watch the first few matches. Plus, I was actually waking up for sahur :) alhamdulillah dah siap ganti dah puasa semua. how about you?

so this one fine day..i was in a mood of cooking curry.boy, i am not pretty good in the kitchen but sometimes I cook. like 4 to 5 days in a week. or sometimes just twice.hehe depends on my mood. anyway, as i was about to cook curry. You know, I am now in my not so new rented house (it's gov's) so I'll be staying here for at least one year and half. I do have all my kitchen necessities unpacked. I got my herbs for my pastas, my flour for my sometimes baking, and also my curries! You name it, I have all types of curry. I bought this one yummy curry for beef and chicken from Allagappa's . It's yummy i tell you! but this one fine day, totally changed the history!

I was about to cook, I have my curry powder usually stored in the kitchen cabinet (strike one!) and I usually tied the packet with the IKEA Food Clipper (strike two!)

so USUALLY it's really tightly tied together and properly sealed. (yeahh..right!) sooo..what I did was. I was super hungggrrryy..but I really really wanna have curry. so, I started off with sautéing the red onions and getting all excited (and hungry of course) I directly poured the curry powder INTO the pot (strike three!) ..and urmm.. yes, I forgot to mix it with water first. And so as my potatoes are getting soft, and my chickens are nicely tendered. And boy I was excited because I just bought the chicken cutlets from the fresh market. I definitely was generous with the chicken cutlets. I put in half chicken! ;P

So every procedures was right. The curry powder was browned and everything tasted sooo gooodd mannn!! (I did taste it few times in case it gets weird.haha) so here's the best part..while I was stirring the curry in the pot..I saw these few black beaded like mustard/biji sawi. Sometimes I saw these biji sawi in fish curry. So i just kept on stirring and told myself , 'Bagus kari ni..ada siap biji sawi' (i'm out!) and that's when everything went from bad to worse!!

So the rice's cooked. Prepared everything on the table..and boy,this chicken curry is the bomb wehhh!! and I actually asked my husband's permission to start eating first while he was preparing his ikan masin. so as I was eating, he asked me 'Ni ape ni B? (pointing at the black seeds a.k.a mustard) I answered bluntly, 'Biji sawi..' and I kept on HALF the plate already man! and husband was smart enough and decided to put aside the seeds because he doesn't like mustard anyway. When suddenly I felt something is not right....

I went to the kitchen, took the same curry powder and decided to check if they have the mustard included.. and yup. it does. so i keep on eating..but husband was still suspicious when I suddenly screamed! Pointing at the curry powder in the bowl.. "EEEEEeeee biji tu bergerak lah yang!!!! HIDUP!!" and boy, my husband was jumping off the chair. Shocked! I was shocked too!!! YOU TELL ME THIS NOW?? he said.."Bb, masak camne ni..kenapa tak check??? Sayang pun rasa tak logik ada biji sawi dalam kari B!!!!"  OH MY GOD!! It was actually insects!!!! and there we plenty of them!!!! ahhhhh..can u believe it?? I actually swallowed  bubuk!!! (bubuk is like an insect that usually in an abandoned powder,flour,rice etc) EWWWWW rightt?? Masha Allah..I was totally not in the mood to eat right away. I wanna puke, but I can't. But I do believe those 'extra protein' was pretty dead when I cooked them.. :'(

so down the drain, all you go pretty yummy curry and my fresh chicken cutles too :(  my husband terus tak lalu makan! hahahah aduhh that was like the WORSE lesson learnt weh!! I called my mom and whatsapped the picture of the thing in the curry..

yup those are definitely not mustards ey *cries!* my husband thought I was the one who puts the mustard inside while cooking curry before that, and I on the other hand thought that the mustard was included in the curry powder from the place!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA aduuhhhh..ape punya suri rumah lah aku ni?!! I am soo not gonna use that IKEA clip again! well, actually my mom told me that I should store all the curry powders in the refrigerator from the VERY FIRST PLACE. padan muka! sorry sayang, I hope you don't have cirit birit! hehehe..but alhamdulillah, none of us were effected from the curry. Those little thing was not consumed at a large amount :P so I guess we survived. ^fewh^ so that was my curry embarrassing but I just hope that it will not happen to you people out there too ok. But if it did, don't worry, Bubuk is protein too ok! haha :P much love xx

Friday, June 13, 2014

what is your therapy?

hey peeps!! it's fridayyyy (again!) i realized that I usually update my posts on Fridays :) i guess it's because I am superbly thankful that I am still alive to have a good air to breathe, a great family to love, a handsome husband to go back to and good food to eat.. yummers! Alhamdulillah..

but I have left my Freeletics for almost 3 weeks now because I have a prolonged menses (story of my life) but I am thankful to Dr. Khamsiah from An Nur for treating me well. and thank you to my darling husband to accompany me to the clinic and decided to take a day off :)

so, I just realized that I am starting to feel lemau! do you know what is lemau? Hahaha.. lemau a.k.a not enthusiastic, not excited, not happy and not energetic for almost a month. No. nothing to do with berbadan dua ( i will be happy to let you know if I 'am' having a baby ok :) ) no worries! it's just me with my weird hormones. So, anyways, the only way for me to be out of my lemau.. I LOVEEEE going to the mall! haha..retail therapy.. :) ♥ ♥ ♥ i am good enough to just walk around the mall..without getting any damages done. it's just the way how to see nice things in the clothes look good on, how comfy the shoes are..but all will just remain in the shops (selamat duit!)'s like the sense of belonging towards all the things in the mall! ahhh..the perks of being a woman. you just could not be separated from the sense of belonging (LOL)

but if i did not have the time to get to the mall. i loveeee running. A nice whole 45 minutes or an hour run will give me the highest satisfaction in my life (and among other 'satisfactions' of couse.if you know what i mean :P)  ah..i really miss running! i think i'm gonna get a good run tomorrow with dear husband. our belly are way bigger when we are singles. HAHAHA..since Ramadhan is just around the corner..lets get ourselves fit enough to face the Ramadhan. In Shaa Allah :) so what's your therapy? xx

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

a very heart whelming welcome to the month of JUNE! ♥

previous post was removed! :P ^very inappropriate^ anyways, Alhamdulillah for the first time in my life..1st Ramadhan falls on yours truly birthday! ♥ in Shaa Allah..and i think it's a very special day in my heart to be reminded of the very same day will be my first day to fast with dear hubs :) ♥ i surely can't wait for the new experience. but on another note, I told my mom that my request on this coming birthday on the 29th of June, I would like for us the whole family to gather at mom's and breaking fast with red velvet cake! haha sempat lagi In Shaa Allah, I will be turning 30 years old this coming Ramadhan :)

May Allah grant me with kindness,prosperity,longevity, mercy and Rahmah and Rahim from Him. And In Shaa Allah may Allah grant us with blessed rizq, with beautiful children (In Shaa Allah) and a beautiful life with the love of my life. Ameen :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

life on a fast lane's friday and life had been super jet fast lately. i think because we are too busy with life that sometimes we did not realize what we had missed. and as for me, i was down with a fever (gladly just only for a day) and alhamdulillah this time, i tried not to take any paracetamol or panadol (trying to fix my own remedy) so i drank loads and loads of Rhino drink. and it subside..but! i was down with flu and some coughing here and there. so i was not in a mood to write or even look at the pc. i will just laze on a couch and watch some old movies.

hubs had been working late for almost two weeks now. and I am either stucked at moms on weekend or just feeling like sulking at home grunting alone (some sort like mogok.haha!) but since the coughing-close-to-asthma-kinda-thing i decided to just forget about him being away til late night. sad.but cest la vie. life must go on.imagine laki yang keje off shore bagai! i truly pitied them but Allah has better plans for them, cause they have kids! hehe takdelah boring sangat,kan? :) hehe

managed to squeeze in some meet up with my girlfriends. glad to see u ladies.haihh..always so glowing and happy :) love u girls superloooonggg time ♥

my lovely ladies catch up sesh ♥

and for this week, I HOPE (PRAY i mean) that hubs will not hafta work for another long weekend.haihh..i've been keeping myself busy so that i don't have to wait till 11pm for him to come back. T___T  but as long as the kaching ($_$) comes in. no hurry honey. take your time! ;P

oh and i just started to try this new look of hijab. (haha i still can't believe this!) i think i have a soft spot for tudung belit belit..but as long as i don't have to go through the hassle. here I am for the first time doning the Bokitta :) you can follow them on IG @bokittahijab and hubs like me wearing this because it is different from my usual tudung bawal look. haha! and it's good because I can cover up my chest a bit (in Shaa Allah..will keep doing this more..hijrah..)

and currently I am also addicted to Freeletics. boy it is the mosssttt tiring exercise I ever done! ( I think I prefer running cos it won't ache the whole body.haha!) so at least I can still do indoors and as sweaty as oink oink.  (T__T)  but it was really satisfying! need to do more and increase the tempo and countings! goshh i can only do 10/10/10 these other people who are serious on freeletics are actually doing 65/15/65! crazy!! (65 will be the counting or how many times you need to do the action. and the 15 is a 15 seconds interval.and countinue with another 65 counting) and boy, this involves loads and loads of cardio man! they have burpees,push ups, sit ups, squats, climbers, high jumps etc. PENGSAN!!

well..lets hope it's a continuous effort,haa erin! haha..ok peeps! thank Allah it's Friday and wooohoooo~!! life is sooo on a fast lane.i could not even blink! work could be cruel and crazy at times. but oh well, all I know is that TONIGHT my friend, we get to sleep in LATEEE!! and wake up lateeee!! jyeahhh!!  have a nice weekend! ☻ much love xx

Sunday, May 11, 2014

short holiday ♥

last Labour Day, mister and I went back to my mom's hometown. We planned to visit our step granny who was in ICU due to an accident. However, we were shocked with another news of our beloved Grand Dad who passed on of old age. I was not really close with my grand dad because he was divorced with my current granny. But I do remember running around his 'rumah kedai' and he was really a good man.

We were supposed to drive back with my parents. But my parents went back to Kelantan a day earlier than us by mister and I drove to Kelantan on our own! It was our first time.haha! so we planned to use Waze. But sorry, if it's a long distance, I won't put my trust on Waze. I would not risk of getting lost in  nowhere :P so we used Google Maps instead. Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived and we survived 7 hours of only twice of stops.booyah!

And Alhamdulillah, our lovely Tok Ayoh Tok Cupu is now resting. he will be missed as he had always put soo much love on our family and every year we did not miss to visit him..but this year and we did not get the chance to meet him :(  (we did not make it to the funeral)  i truly miss him..but Allah loves him more. may Allah bless Tok Ayoh's soul and may he be among the mukmin.. (al-Fatihah)

and this time, we went back to Kelantan for 5 days! alhamdulillah, we get the chance to bring mister to almost every good food place ;) boy, Ayam Percik Yati is always the bomb,man! we had the nasi kerabu during this one lunch time when we were really really starving! but it was worth the wait! the awesomest!

can you see the richness of Kelantan in this! ;)
and we had some usual Batik shopping ( i have sucker for Batik and I don't know why :") ) we stayed 3 days in Kelantan and head to the island on the fourth! yeayyy!! my short vacay is finally coming true! SubhanAllah, i always love Perhentian ♥ it never fail to amaze me. This time we stayed at the Perhentian Island Resort. it has this gorgeous private beach and we even saw STING RAY! like inside the clear water by the shore. (it scared us away that we did not get the chance to take any photos of it)

how can you not love this view ♥
gorgeous right! SubhanAllah ♥

those above photos were taken with my late Iphone5s ^^ phone is now under construction^^

it was really gorgeous!! we arrived around 12pm and checked in before going for our snorkelling at 2! :)

heading to the snorkel point
the common ikan belang :)

we saw the mother turtle.sooo bigggg!!

you can see papa swimming at the back haha! he was searching for fish!
we had a great time although it was a super short stay. but at least we get to swwwwwiiimmm in the beautiful ocean. Alhamdulillah for the rizq. :)  it was our  ^me and mister^ first time to go on an island trip :") and by the way, the three photos posted earlier on the top of the post were taken by my dear iphone 5s before it went  accidently got wet. ^sobsob^ and it could not be switched on due to 'reput' inside caused by salt water. (well there's another story to it. actually I already bought a very good underwater case.but I totally forgot that Iphone works with 'touch' and 'heat' sensor. so when i put my iphone inside the casing, i could not touch or swipe my phone to take i decided to swap my phone with mister's phone to be put inside that particular underwater case! so yeah, who was the smart girl who forgot that her phone is exposed to danger a.k.a saltwater. pfftt!! padan muka i! boohooo!)

so i am now iphone-less. ^masha Allah^ but don't worry. it is now in a safe hands..i found a place in Center Point, IPhoneFix, and I've read few good reviews about them. So i will let u know the service and perhaps I could recommend you if my baby is back to normal ok.That will be another story coming soon.

How was your labour day a.k.a long weekend? I hope it went well. And now I am back at mom's for another long weekend. Nope, not gonna work on the 12th so I will continue until Wesak! woohooo!! happy mother's day MOTHERS! you guys are awesome! high five! xx