Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hey peeps! I was messing around my blogspot when suddenly everything has changed! *cries* I don't know what happened and the layout and everything has totally changed! So, I guess...it's time to move out.. and I we are directing in..3..2..1 : Hope to see all of you here ok! Take care! This blog will surely be missed. But don't worry all the posts are still in tact! fewh! but i'm changing platform =) toodles~*

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri from Acit & Erin. Alhamdulillah, this year is our second year celebrating Syawal together.  Hoping for more Syawals together and In Shaa Allah with bigger family. Ameen. We would also like to seek for forgiveness if we have any wrongdoings or being misinterpreted by our words. May Allah bless all of you and may all of you have a bless Syawal. Maaf Zahir Batin ♥

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

hey girls!

i had been super hectic juggling two works at the moment :"> why I said two? Well..that's because...

currently i am helping a friend at Festival Ramadhan Putrajaya!

yes! I join the awesome bazaar at Festival Ramadhan Putrajaya! tired? tell me about it! I am beated like eggs!! First day was a bit slow but when we have small poster posted up and some awesome collections by Naelofarhijab (^__^) we are happy cows! and yes, the crowd can be super madness!! and at time a little bit uncontrollable *cries*cries*

now i totally understand how it was hard to earn your own money from selling things! people can be in so many shapes and kinds! haha when i said shape, they are beyond expectation.  the crowd are super awesome on weekends which I did not even have time to take the photos of the crowd. and Alhamdulillah, they said, rezeki Ramadhan.. more people came to our booth and stopped by to shop! and most of the collections are out in less than a week! and we need to restock for coming Raya! Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..

but behind all of these fun and all, we surely feel tired. Most of the time, we got home at 12am or 1am. On weekends, we work like ants! We even close the shop at 3AM! yes, we are having sleeping deprive right now -____- "

but for me, it's a great experience. Do come and say hi! We sell Port Meirion, Corelle, Tefal, Jubah from Dubai and also special appearance of  =">  Naelofarhijab ♥  Do come by ok, we will be at Booth 14A & 14B from 2nd July until 12th July !! See you there!! much love xx

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Monday, June 15, 2015

every year..whenever June comes, I will start of the month with a good kick start. A short vacay with the family to our favorite spot, Perhentian Island. As a person who was born under the Amethyst moon and Cancer sign, I LOVEEEE SEA!! *crab*crab*

This year, we went for a good 3 days 2 nights and stayed at the Perhentian Island Resort. And this time, my sister brought along her whole family! YEAYY!! kids are just too cute when they are afraid of the water..hehe..

Some tips for you to bring little kids to beaches or islands.

1) Bring loads of diapers!
As they tend to wear them in water (sometimes the mothers forget!) hehe..so just bring sufficiently :P

Never ever missed this one! I have been using this one and only sunblock ever since I know that it has the highest SPF :D

3) Pack lightly.
Since you're gonna get wet most of the time. Bring at least two swimsuits or swim wear. In my case two. And also just bring light tshirts cause it's gonna hot sunny day on the island. And quite stuffy at night. But just wear something comfy alright. Something that can absorb your sweats! Sangat penting! hehe..so if you are staying for two nights you can also just bring two pants as no one is ever gonna notice you've been wearing the same pants. haha (ok bad advice) but it's true! bring a nice loose pants that you can also use as pyjamas ;) but you're gonna be in the sea most of the time anyways :D

4) bring enough cash (optional..but beneficial)
Sometimes people tend to forget that things on island could be more expensive. Depends on your budget if you don't mind spending on every meal. then bring sufficient money :) But I like eating crackers so most of the time, I will bring some biscuits and crackers like oat etc in between meals since you gonna be super hungry after your swim or dive. Bring instant noodle if you want..and snug into bed while having hot ramen! yum yum! But if you have a tight budget, don't worry. They have small restaurants selling nasi goreng, mee goreng or fish and chips at a reasonable price. Enjoy!

5) Keep hydrated !
Keep hydrated whenever you travel. As staying on island could expose you more to the sun. It is advisable if you keep yourself hydrated. As for me, I brought like 4 big bottles of mineral water. But at the same time, the resorts will usually have two small mineral waters for you so you should fret not :)

So that's my five tips for island travelling :) hope it will help you in a way. Gosh! I haven't blogged for almost a month! I must be super duper busy,huh? Or perhaps I should have fast fingers to type quickly whenever I have things on my mind! haha.. oh! it's my birthday soon! I feel old..I was too busy with work that I couldn't bother with my own birthday..will update on that soon ok =P much love xx

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Thursday, June 04, 2015

hey peeps! i had been what?? yes, busy...haha it's so lame i know that even little kids will always said "Asyiikk busyyy jee.." haha but I totally salute bloggers where they have like just a little time and yet they have the time to blog out about their work, daily life etc. boy, I was in that phase previously where my blogging momentum was like boom bang! like full with ideas and things to tell you. But I guess the age really DID some effect in my not-so-blogaholic-life..boohooo!! but lets put aside all those hectic story..i'm leaving town! weeeeee!! the long awaited holiday with the fam ♥ guess where? =) have a nice weekend lovelies!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Have you heard of Vitamin C - Graduation? Yup that old song during your high school ( if you were born 80's baby) hehe.. well that very song is the song for my high school sweethearts! Yup all of them 84 of them =) They are my SSP friends..my first boarding school for five years..and my lifetime friends, forever..In Shaa Allah

Although all of us are super busy with our hectic life. There's doctors, engineers, architects, geologist, teachers, IT Officers, etc all of us will always keep each other updated through our whatsapp group. Masha Allah we are like unseparated Siamese twin! we talked to each other every single day. And recently we had a small gathering and bridal shower for our netball captain, Inarah ♥

It was surely fun as we started to come up with a last minute idea of having the netball theme for the bridal shower. boy we looked silly on those, but it surely felt right to me. haha! We surely miss our netball years. Ahhh..those times..we were like unbeatable! fuh!!fuh!! *blow nails* hehehe fun times!

here are the photos of us during the bridal shower. It's not about having the bridal shower that makes us feel all giddy and happy but having old friends around you and keeping up with all the juicy updates. Definitely all girls school genes :P

the tall bride to be has arrived..

putting on her bib. Our captain, our GD

the cutest ! hehe

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello..Assalamualaikum wbt.. it has been a month! I have not update the blog. I was really busy with work, outstations, getting sick and taking care of husband.

Two weeks ago, I just recovered from a fever. And that was the longest fever I had..I was really down and flatted out for a week! I could not get to work as my brain would not function with the cold air conditioned office. Every time I get myself to work, I started to shiver or just couldn't think straight. Alhamdulillah..all is good now. But right after I recovered from my fever, mister too, down with fever. And boy, he was the type of person who gets fever like once every two years! I was really concerned that his temperature was really high..so I barely sleep at night to sponge him.

Alhamdulillah he was much better the week after, but both of us were still dizzy and unwell from the antibiotics and cough syrups. Boy, we literally felt weak most of the time and we spent our weekends in bed, sleeping and lazing around.But most of the time, SLEEP. We hoped that we could regain our energy after a good rest on weekend, but Allah knows what's best for us and He's the ultimate planner...

Last week, mister and I was having our breakfast when suddenly he fainted at the food place. Masha Allah, I was really in a panic mode!  I was crying and asking for help because it happened so fast! He was really pale and he blacked out for almost 5 minutes..but after the people helped him up and brought him to the nearest clinic (the clinic was two units away from the food place) My mister woke up..but still in dazed. Allahu akbar..Only Allah knows how nervous I was and my legs were shaking. Although he was up, and conscious, I was still nervous and I quickly sent him to the Emergency Room in Serdang as the doctor recommended him to be monitored just in case he fainted again.

So, that's when my sleeping in the ER/male ward experience started. It was really challenging for me as my parents had gone for umrah, I am on my own, feeling hopeless and tired. I was going back and fro to the office and hospital cos happened to be I could not escaped my work that week. I cried most of the time from work, to work, to hospital, from hospital hoping that mister will be fine. Hoping that doctor will not diagnosed him with something serious. I was scared. All I can think of was my life, my husband, my sins.. Allahu Akbar. I was really scared.

Allah test us, to know that we will worship Him or we will forget Him

But after three days warded and mister passed all of the tests. Alhamdulillah the results came out fine and normal. We are now back to normal life (slowly..) and being careful with everything that we eat and also making sure that mister had loads of liquid in his body. He was warded due to dehydration. (although almost suspected for fit..fanauzubillahimin zalik) Alhamdulillah...I am really thankful that everything is back to normal. But as usual, life must go on.. Although recently our roof collapsed ( yes another test to our dear family) but nothing serious. We weren't home when the roof collapsed. It was raining heavily during the incident, and I guess our dear home is really old (built in 20014) huhu..but oh well, good thing is, the roof's back to normal but, our house smells 'hapak' because the carpets got wet during the incident.

Indeed, Allah is the best planner and Allah knows what's best for us. Perhaps we need to change our furniture and carpets? :P That's the beauty of it, isn't it =D But all in all, Alhamdulillah we are all good. Back to work and now working slowly to fixed the roof and the flooring. Arranging the furniture and fixing the 'smell'. Sorry for being missing for quite some time. Work and hectic schedules had been really taking up our lives lately. But I do hope that you will pray the best for us and hoping that we could work things out. Turning two this year ♥ In Shaa Allah..stick around ok. I will write more =)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

work..SubhanAllah..has been really hard on me. All I need is now strength..and keeping strong. I know I am being tested right now...but I hope that there will be rainbow at the end of this storm. Tired?  Tell me about that..

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